Your long-awaited Glasses
-for your Modular Bulidings

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Finally, we managed to close a gap you had to live with for so long.

Windowglass for LEGO® Window 1 x 2 x 2 2/3 with Rounded Top

After very long discussions we decided to get those clear windows made especially for the LEGO round archwindow frames.

The material is clear ABS, like the original LEGO material.

Now you finally are able to finish your modular homes. Also your MOC will be much more better and more beautiful then they are now, when the frames hold the clear windows.

Doesn't that look awesome?


An absolutely must-have for every LEGO fan


Glasses Glasses GLASSES!


The best offer of all times.

no more holes in the homes!

for the best appearance you can imagine

You will get 20 window glasses

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Don’t hesitate and get those window glasses as long as they are available!

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YES! Steindrucker, I can't wait to get my 20 Parts of Glasses for $25.00!

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You buy only 20 Pats of Custom Glasses.

Our window glasses are registered.

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Harald Guenther

All my homes are already built with those window glasses.



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